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The mission of the KEA is to promote, advance and protect the rights and interests of our members and the education profession. The outcome of our advocacy is quality education for all students.

In the Loop

  • Workshop Days

    January Workshop Day
    This is a floating day for all teachers to work on their report cards. All certificated employees may work from home or school.

    March Workshop Day
    This is a teacher directed day and must be worked in the building.

    June Workshop Day
    This is a teacher directed day that must be worked in the building. This day is designed to provide extra time to settle the end of the year items that couldn't get done prior to the end of the school year.

    These Workshop Days are required, however, you may use sick leave if you are ill or have a medical need on these days.
  • Lesson Plans: What's our Responsibility?

    Many concerns have come to the KEA office regarding lesson plans. Building leaders have required weekly lesson plans to be turned in, required that lesson plans be uploaded on OneNote, and required written daily lesson plans for paraeducators. KEA believes that this is an increase in workload; and therefore, it is subject to bargaining. KEA has submitted a "Demand to Bargain" to the district. It is our position that lesson plans are written for the teacher, and not for the building leader to evaluate. School Board Policy requires that a teacher keep lesson plans. The policy does not dictate that they must be submitted or collected at any time. So, if your building administrator is requiring them, you will need to continue until this is resolved. We hope to have it done by early next week.
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  • California Casualty

    Michelle Hawkins is our local California Casualty field manager. She now has a special website for quotes. Visit: and see if you can save.

    California Casualty, the NEA endorsed auto and home insurance program for the past 20 years, has a great track record for impressive service, great rates, and unique educator policy features. It might be the right time to check rates by clicking Michelle Hawkins’ custom quote website.
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