Know Your Rights: Nobody Likes a Bully!

Talk to your building rep. The building rep can help you figure out if there’s a contract violation, and assist you in meeting with the principal to clarify contract language and resolve the problem.  If it’s not a contract violation, then lay out your concerns to the principal using “I” statements:  “When you do _________________, I feel ___________.  I’m asking you to stop, and notifying you that if it continues, I will be filing a complaint.  Follow up the meeting with an email re-stating your concerns with a request to stop the behavior.

Document everything.  Write down the incident, the date, time, and the names of potential witnesses. If possible, get the witness to document in writing what they saw/heard.  It can be difficult to prove bullying behavior if it’s subtle, and bullies are masterful manipulators.  It’s the actions over time that builds your case.

If the principal calls you into a meeting, find out what the meeting is about before attending.  If the meeting is part of an investigation, or leads you to believe that it could become disciplinary—ask your building rep to attend with you.  If the principal refuses to tell you what the meeting is about, inform him/her that you are willing to meet when your union rep can attend with you.  Then contact KEA. 

Never be alone with a bully principal.  Always get someone else to take notes, or be part of any conversation or discussion. 

Invoke your Weingarten Rights—by stating:  “If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my Association Representative be present at the meeting.  "Without representation, I choose not to answer any questions.”

File a grievance under Article IV—Employee Rights for a violation of contract rights.

File a complaint with the District under the District’s policies & procedures. The District must investigate complaints and take disciplinary action against the principal.  Contact KEA.