KEA Representative Council

Building Representatives (Rep Council) acts as a liason between the union and the school or worksite. 

Article VI    Building or Unit Representatives

Section 1.   

A. Building or Unit Representatives shall be elected for two (2)‐year terms in May on a ratio of one (1) for every twenty‐five (25) members or major fraction thereof except that each school shall have at least one (1) representative.  For only the purpose of counting the number of members in a building, a unit, or special interest group, each member shall be counted at the same rate (one‐third (l/3), one half (1/2), or full) as the member pays annual KEA dues.

B. Each building or unit may elect one (1) alternate representative who will be a full voting member of the Representative Council in the absence of the regular representative.

C. Members who travel from building to building, serve in more than one (1) building, or who are not assigned to a specific building, may select the building in which they will be represented.

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2019-2020 Rep Council Meeting Dates