Sparks at Seabrook Cottages

SPARKSEvery Spring KEA host our new teachers for a weekend long retreat in Seabrook, WA.

Sparks brings these teachers together giving them the opportunity to to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly while learning some great things! You have the option to learn about conflict management, financial planning, classroom discipline, stress and time management and professional development, all while earning clock hours.

"I really appreciated to meet new teachers and learn about how other schools work. The lawyer/ rights as teacher was very helpful. Seabrook was lovely. I want to go back ☺️"- Nancy Armenta, Carriage Crest Elem. 

"Sparks was a learning destination of fun, safe, and real-talk among educators!  It's a must and impactful retreat...from the destination location, to the sessions presented, and to even the dynamic presenters... I walked away revitalized and proud of the career I chose- the one that impacts lives the most and it SPARKED an interest to "get more involved" in what is happening in education."- Mari Borrero, Carriage Crest Elem.