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The mission of the KEA is to promote, advance and protect the rights and interests of our members and the education profession. The outcome of our advocacy is quality education for all students.

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  • Tentative Agreement Ratified!

    The e tentative agreement was approved with an 86% vote. School will be starting on time, and KEA members will be working with students all year to help them be successful.

    The KSD Leadership has made financial decisions that will have an impact on the next three years. Our strength and solidarity as a union has never been more important. If you have concerns, please work with your building reps and have them contact us at the KEA office when they are unable to come up with resolutions.

    The summary document and the full contract language changes were available at the meeting. At the bottom of this message, there is a link to the summary document. Building reps will be getting copies of the full contract language changes at the first Rep Council meeting in September.

    The district's financial issues became a significant impediment to getting what we all know you work hard to earn. Due to the budget deficit, the bargaining team tried to bargain gains that did not cost money. One of those areas was the control of time. The guarantee of two hours of employee-directed time during half of the new early release Wednesdays was a big part of that discussion. One of the Principal Effective Ed days will now become part of your deemed done TRI days. Beginning in 2018, the November workshop day will also be moving to employee-directed time.

    In previous communications, we have discussed the limitations for 2018-2019 in regards to bargaining salary. Therefore, the team made a decision to reach a tentative agreement that is a two-year contract with a guarantee that salary increases in the 2018-2019 school year will have the maximum allowable increase. If the state law changes, we will have the right to open compensation and benefits next year.

    The evaluation procedure will now start with the assumption that teachers are proficient. While this seems like common sense, this is a very important contractual change. There were other improvements to the evaluation system and a committee will be formed to look at the CAM that is used for all members who are not on the CEL 5D+ evaluation rubric.

    Safety in the classroom has been an issue for several years in Kent. After some improvements last year, there are even more improvements this year. A clear protocol will be in place when a member is assaulted and if an agreement can't be reached at the building level, then a district-level administrator will spend time in the classroom and support a resolution that is best for the employee and the student.

    To view the summary of all tentative agreement changes, use the "read more" link below.

    Thank you for all that you do for the students and your colleagues every day!
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