SEBB Information

SEBB, the School Employees Benefits Board, is our state-based health, dental, vision, and other insurance program.

All enrollment and changes to your SEBB account are done through MyAccount.

Newly hired educators must enroll within 31 days of hire.  Existing SEBB members can make changes annually during open enrollment (generally in Oct/Nov with effective date Jan 1 the following year) with the exception of certain life events.

SEBB open enrollment:

Open enrollment for school employee health and benefits plans generally runs from late October to mid-November.

This is your opportunity to change plans, add dependents or make other changes to benefits. If you don’t want to change anything, you may not need to make any updates, but there are certain things that may need action this fall.

  • If you want to waive medical coverage because you are covered by another plan, you must make that selection during open enrollment. 
  • If you have enrolled a spouse, you may need to re-attest to their employer health benefit status to avoid having the spousal surcharge applied to your account. Check SEBB MyAccount to see if you need to re-attest.   
  • If you want to enroll or re-enroll in Dependent Care (DCAP) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) for childcare or health care costs, this is your only opportunity to make selections about how much to withhold.