WEA-PAC is the Washington Education Association political action committee. Our mission is to recommend and elect pro-public education, pro-labor candidates to office. 

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K-12 WEA members can join by submtting a WEA-PAC Payroll Authorization form to join WEA-PAC.  

WEA-Retired, Higher Ed and Student WEA members can join here.


WEA-PAC is the Washington Education Association's political action committee. WEA-PAC is the largest political action committee in the state and it takes all of us together to make it strong.

Our mission is to recommend and elect pro-public education, pro-labor candidates to office. WEA-PAC makes recommendations in races for statewide, legislative and local candidates.

WEA-PAC recommends and elects pro-student, pro-union candidates regardless of party affiliation. Candidates complete a written questionnaire and participate in an interview with WEA-PAC members. Based on the questionnaire and interview, WEA-PAC members make a recommendation.Together, we can help pro-public education, pro-labor candidates win the elected offices that affect our work and help our students!

Are you a candidate for office seeking WEA-PAC endorsement?  

Council WEA-PAC leaders manage the endorsement process locally. If you're interested in connecting with those leaders, contact Nicole Harris.

Why should I join WEA-PAC?

4 Manka doorbell volunteers

WEA-PAC members doorbelling for pro-education, pro-labor candidates!

With WEA-PAC, we have a stronger voice in the decisions that affect our classrooms and our schools.

Almost everything about our school day is decided by an elected official: class size, curriculum, instructional hours, even pay and benefits.

Our union is our voice in those decisions. WEA-PAC is the political action committee for WEA members like us!

As a member, you can be part the choice for which candidates WEA-PAC endorses. From school board directors to statewide offices, we need pro-education, pro-labor elected officials who will have our students' backs.

Already a member? Please consider doubling your voice with an additional $27 donation.

Together we can elect candidates who will stand up for educators and our students!

For more information about WEA-PAC check out the WEA-PAC info sheet.

WEA-PAC membership is a great way to stay engaged

Joining WEA-PAC and volunteering with our fellow WEA-PAC members is a great way to meet candidates and build relationships with people who create policies that affect our students and our jobs.

Building relationships with elected officials means we are more effectively able to share our concerns about the policies affecting our students and to advocate for the education profession.You can also learn more about how politics may affect our work by following the Advocacy blog, and by signing up to receive alerts.

What is the NEA-FCPE?

The NEA Fund for Children and Public Education is the political action committee of the National Education Association. The NEA-FCPE recommends and supports candidates who stand up for public education issues at the national level.  They endorse in races for office including: President, U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.  

You can sign up to participate in the NEA-FCPE when filling out your WEA-PAC form.  This contribution is only $1.00 a month.

WEA-PAC membership is up to us

Can you ask a colleague to join today? The WEA-PAC and NEA-FCPE forms are quick and easy to fill out. Forms are available from your association building representative or the KEA office. You can also sign up using the links below.

WEA members can join by submtting a WEA-PAC Payroll Authorization form to join WEA-PAC.  

WEA-Retired, Higher Ed and Student WEA members can join here.

If you have questions, please contact WEA-PAC Coordinator Nicole Harris. You can also email WEA-PAC.