Current Board of Directors

Article III    Executive Board

Section 1. The Executive Board shall be responsible for the management of the Association, approve all expenditures, carry out policies established by the Representative Council, report its transactions and those of the Council to the members, and suggest policies for consideration by the Council.

Section 2. The Executive Board shall develop workshops and training conferences for all representatives.

Section 3.    A. Executive Board members elected by Representative Council shall be elected for a one (1)‐year term and shall take office at the same time as Association officers.   

B. Vacancies in these positions shall be filled within two (2) meetings of Representative Council.

C. Members of the Executive Board may be recalled by a two‐thirds (2/3) vote of the Representative Council.

KEA Officers:

Tim Martin, President thru July 2023

Layla Jones, Vice President thru July 2023

Zack Stockdale, Secretary/Treasurer thru July 2023

KEA Executive Board:

Natalie Bachman, Horizon Elementary, Position 2 (2020-2022)

Gabrielle Blakemore, Northwood Middle School, Position 1(2020-2022)

Eric Andersen, Kent Meridian High School, Position 1 (2021-2023)

Nicole Harris, Kentwood High School, Position 2 (2020-2022)

Alicia Gray, Sunrise Elementary School. Position 1 (2021-2023)

WEA Board:

Tim Martin, KEA President (2021-2023)

Michael Lewis, Sawyer Woods Elementary School, WEA Board Director from Kent (2022-2024)

At-Large Positions:

Margie Heagerty, Cedar Heights, (2021-2023)

Darryn Hewson, Springbrook Elementary & Lynsey Carlson, Cedar Valley Elementary, At-Large Position 2 (2020-2022)

Vaudery Brown, Appointed Member of Color At-Large Position 1 (2021-2023)

Non-voting Board Members:

WEA-PAC: Natalie Bachman, Horizon Elementary, Position 2 (2021-2022)

WEA Retired: Mogi Haggin